What to Look for When Touring Homes

What should you expect and look out for when touring multiple houses?

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Continuing through the home-buying process, today I’m discussing touring homes. This is the fun part that everyone thinks about when buying a home.

Online photos. The pictures you see online are meant to capture entire rooms. When you get there, the house, yard, and rooms are going to look a little smaller than you thought they would. After a while, you’ll develop a sense of how big the room truly is from seeing photos.

Test-drive the home. We encourage you to look in every door and cabinet. Try things out to make sure they’re all intact and working. Look in the closets and run the faucets to be sure everything functions.

A home that satisfies 85% of your criteria is a good property to consider.

The feeling of the house. One of the most important things we ask clients to consider is to see if things feel right when they experience the neighborhood, drive up, and enter the house. Did the neighborhood feel safe? Did the door feel welcoming? Can you imagine your things in the home? Can you see having people over? Can you see your family living there?

You'll develop a sense of whether or not a home feels right. For most people, there's more than just one home that could work. It’s good to be flexible, especially in a seller’s market. A home that satisfies 85% of your criteria is a good property to consider.

If you have any questions about touring homes or you're getting ready to buy a home and thinking now is the time to see some, we can set that up for you. Feel free to reach out to us at 815-931-2222.

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