Why You Shouldn’t Worry About the Inspection

Here are my thoughts on inspections and why you shouldn’t be so worried.

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Today we’re talking about the next step in the home-buying process: the inspection. This is usually a gauntlet for everyone involved but especially the buyers. Sometimes it can feel like waiting for bad news outside a doctor’s office.

While some homes can have hidden surprises, that's not usually the case. The inspection is not a pass-or-fail situation. The inspector is going to walk through the house and tell you what’s in good shape, what’s in bad shape, and what might need some work. What happens because of this information is between you, your lender, and the seller.

I’ve been through brand-new houses, and they still find something wrong.

If possible, you should attend the inspection because it will be the best tour of the house you will ever get. The inspector is not going to be blinded by emotion or attachment. They will simply go through the house and see how well everything is working.

We’ll go over the inspection negotiation in another video, but the key point to realize is that no home is perfect. The inspector is likely going to find some small issues, but you should only be worried about significant issues that you didn’t already know were there.

If you have any questions about how the inspection works or you want me to refer you to some good inspectors, give me a call at (815) 931-2279. I’d be happy to help.

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